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Anglican and Episcopal Faith on the Move!

A Few Words About Us

Are you ready for a new start? Feel like the church has left you? Not sure of your purpose? Looking for real friendship and fellowship? Then, come and be part of something new and exciting!

We are an Anglican Chapel on a mission. We want to help prepare people to live with depth, compassion, and power in mission. Shenandoah Mountain Anglican Chapel is about connecting people inside and outside the church with the love of God!

We are a Private Anglican Chapel in The Order of St. Patrick open to the public for services throught the year. Serving Winchester, Clarke County and Frederick County Virginia. (Founded in 2010, meeting on Shenadoah Mountain, outdoors for years in the summer) Now in Boyce, VA

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Do You Follow "The Irish Way"!

The Spirit is Alive!


Connecting with God!

Worship is a plain and simple Anglican / Episcopal Communion Service, nothing fancy. The service is Bible centered. Everyone receives a Bible and a Prayerbook when they walk in the door. All the readings are out of the bible, everyone follows along. The sermon is based on the Gospel and most weeks taught verse by verse.

We want to encourage and envision Christians who are committed to the orthodox teachings of the Church and who are passionate about serving the Lord.

Sorry, No Bells and Smells or Rock Bands!

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Points to ponder!

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Contact Us

196 Bellevue Lane
Boyce, VA 22620


Monday-Friday: 9-5
Saturday: 9-5
Sunday: 9-Noon

Statement of Faith

We band ourselves together as a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ, personally committed to sharing the good news of salvation to lost mankind.

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